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About   JC Capital 

Angel Investor  Co-Create Future 

JC Capital is an angel investor that focuses on investing in startups and providing exclusive accelerator services for enterprises. Our team has rich industry experience, broad industry connections, and loves entrepreneurship and innovation.

Therefore, we are committed to matchmaking for startups and suitable cooperation or just investing early-stage funds in startups directly. The final goal is to achieve long-term, stable innovation development, and business growth.  


You could benefit from JC Capital as follows:

  1. Personalized service: According to the needs and characteristics of each start-up, first of all, we will evaluate and make suggestions. Through the evaluators, we could decide to provide corporate matchmaking or angel investment. The goal is to ensure that startups can maximize growth and benefit. in the short term.

  2. Resource Integration: assist entrepreneurs to integrate resources, including connections, technology, markets, etc., so that they can find various resources more quickly and achieve the purpose of fast business growth and realize globalization.

  3. International cooperation expansion: through cooperation with international accelerators, a series of international cooperation expansion services can be provided for entrepreneurs or enterprises. In addition to helping entrepreneurs to explore the international market, it can also enhance the international competitiveness and visibility of some enterprises.

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About the founder 

JC Capital Founder & Angel Investor

 Jess Wu  

As an angel investor with extensive Internet experience, Jess is committed to discovering potential Taiwan startups. In the past, he served as a senior executive of many listed companies, such as Advantech, Clevo, ATEN, and other well-known companies. He accumulated rich management experience; he also absorbed a lot of ICT industry knowledge and corporate innovations in the innovative activities he stayed in these companies. In addition, he was also the co-founder and the Taiwan general manager of Kuro, which was the largest P2P online music provider in Asia from 2000 -2006. ( Kuro was acquired by CMedia in 2006). In 2009, he also participated in an angel investment of the Chinese Founders Fund(CFF) and participated in many investments in Asia Internet, mobile Internet, and other startups. He has a deep understanding and connections with the Internet and ICT industries.

Not just being an angel, Jess is also a hands-on guy to lead the Taiwan start-up teams to New York to cooperate with the international accelerator SOSA. He assisted those Taiwan startups in having a soft landing in New York and achieved excellent results and performance. In addition, Jess has also participated in several international investment exchanges to gain an in-depth understanding of the global market and tech trends. Through the exchange of experience with international investors, a keen insight into the international market and cross-cultural communication capabilities have been built.

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