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Based on "Design Thinking"

Innovative Service Design

"Innovative Service Design" success stories:

In 2015, the German Pro7 Media Group, through

"Innovative service design" got rid of the fate of weakening the media, re-established a new growth strategy, developed customers (SME & Start-up) and a new business model that had not been considered in the past, and achieved substantial growth in performance. How did it do it?


Five Core Spirits of Business Design Thinking


2016 German ProSiebenSat.1 Media Public Financial Report

"Innovative Service Design"Introduction video

no way

The top management of the enterprise decides to promote change, but there is no methodology, knowledge and experience within the organization.

slow change

Change or innovation has been driven within the organization for some time, but with little or no tangible output.

Lack of innovation

aging team organization,

​ Lack of ideas, enthusiasm and drive for innovation and growth.

barn effect

The team has become accustomed to routine functional operations, and they can't effectively connect with each other. In the face of customer complaints, there is nothing we can do to solve customer problems and improve customer experience.

On the road of innovation, organizations often face the following problems...


"Innovative Service Design" Implementation Framework

Innovation Strategy Development

Co-creation Workshop Execution Framework

Simplify IDEO's "design thinking" mentality, tools and processes into three stepsbusiness design thinking". Use this thinking to create collectively and develop corporate innovation strategies based on the customer journey map, which is the so-called "innovative service co-creation workshop". The main structure is shown in the three steps on the right:

  1. Opportunities Discover

  2. Strategy Craft

  3. Implementation (Business Launch)

​Through a large number of visual thinking (Visual Thinking) activities and tools (Tools), stimulate the potential of employees, collectively create, ignite the spark of innovation, build the future growth momentum of the company's innovation and formulate strategic guidelines.


​ Subject: Corporate CEO, Human Resources or Change Team Leader, in coordination with Organizational Change Skunk Team

Three steps to execute"Innovative Service Design"

Three Steps of "Innovative Service Design"

01 OD

discover opportunities

(Opportunity Discovery)

  • Discover and empathize with customers who have been overlooked in the past

  • ​Reuse the VRIO model and ecological circle map to take stock of the company's advantages in internal resources and external networks

  • Define the growth pattern, define the real problems of customers, and find opportunities

  • Validate opportunities and develop possible insights through DVF models

  • ​ Storytelling Development Opportunity Possible Situations

  • Contains 10 development activities and 3 development templates (output: opportunity report)

02 SC

construction strategy

(Strategy Craft)

  • Based on the problems and insights found in the OD step, redefine possible new offerings (Offering) product services

  • Through various idea reminder cards, the group co-creates divergence and then converges to generate new product service demands

  • Defining customer value propositions in terms of new products and services

  • Develop business model and corresponding revenue model from value proposition

  • ​According to business model and business model, develop service blueprint (SBP) and strategy prototype report

  • Contains 8 development activities and    1 development template (output: service blueprint and strategy report)

03 BL


(Business Launch)

  • According to the strategy prototype developed by the SC steps, design the test plan, and conduct the test proof of concept

  • through Lean EntrepreneurshipACT, LEARN, DESGIGN Loop, Continuous Improvement Strategy Prototype

  • Based on the perfected strategy prototype, develop into the final growth and development plan and action plan

  • Contains 5 development activities (including: growth plan and action plan)

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